3-Blade Saildrive Composite Folding Propeller

Flexofold 3-Blade Saildrive Composite

Composite folding propellers - the perfect match for electric propulsion 


Building upon the success of our 2-Blade Composite Folding Propeller, the new 3-Blade addition is set to revolutionize the sailing experience for boat enthusiasts worldwide.

It features all the benefits of our 2-Blade Composite Folding Propeller, now available for larger engines. Experience high thrust, low drag, great sailing performance, low weight and high speed.  

Our 3-Blade Composite Folding Propeller is engineered with a focus on reducing weight without compromising performance. The hub is crafted from the lightweight composite material, while the blades are manufactured using our renowned copper alloy.  Its lightweight construction enhances sailing efficiency and maneuverability. This makes it a perfect match for electric motors. Its reduced weight enables electric motors to more easily start and power the propeller, enhancing overall efficiency. 

Whether powered by electric or diesel engines, our composite propeller stands apart from traditional metal propellers by effectively minimizing the risk of electrical transfer from the saildrive to the blades. This groundbreaking feature not only enhances the durability of the propeller but also ensures the prolonged longevity of the saildrive system.




Danish quality

All Flexofold propellers are designed and manufactured in Denmark in our single-purpose factory, quipped with modern CNC equipment and robot technology.

Our commitment to innovation and quality has driven us to create the Flexofold 3-Blade Composite Saildrive Propeller, addressing the unique requirements of modern sailing. We believe this propeller will not only improve the performance of sailboats but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient boating experience.

In 2017 Flexofold was acquired by Yanmar Marine International. However, Flexofold is still operating from the factory in Denmark, maintaining own distinct brand identity and remaining a Danish registered company.

The propellers are sold directly to boat builders as well as private boat owners worldwide. 

Due to our flexible production setup, we can manufacture and ship worldwide within a few days.


Hub immune to electrolysis

Crafted from high-quality composite materials, this propeller is almost immune to electrolysis, making it an ideal choice for saltwater environments. It offers long-lasting durability, even in challenging marine conditions. 

A common issue for sailboat owners is electrolysis – caused by electrical errors in the sailboat or shore power.

Today’s use of electrical equipment on sailboats increases the risk of wrong installations. Even if all installations are okay, docking in a marina with defective shore power can cause severe damage, as stray currents easily damage the propeller – which is normally the part with the best electrical connection into the water.


Saildrive Composite Folding Propeller

Special features

  • Composite material immune to electrolysis
  • Light weight (2 kgs less than our standard 3-blade folding propeller)
  • Helical gearing between the blades ensures a synchronized folding mechanism
  • Patented mounting system absorbs impact from the centrifugal force and allows adjustment of play in gears
  • Protective cover over the gearing
  • Shock absorbers for quiet opening of the propeller
  • Special innerhub to protect the saildrive and gearbox from the propeller impact
  • Mounting screws are pre-applied with Loctite for mounting above as well as under water
  • Water lubricated - no need for maintenance
SD3 Composite Propeller

Propeller sizes

The 3-blade Composite propeller for saildrive is available in diameters of 16" to 20" - all in a wide range of pitches.

Available for LEFT turning saildrives (saildrives are generally LEFT turning, however catamarans might use a counter rotating propeller on one side).


Compatible with...

Flexofold propellers fit perfectly on all common saildrives from Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Lombardini, Technodrive, ZF and Torqeedo Deep Blue.

They can also be fitted on Selva saildrives with the use of an adapter.



Installation guide: 3-Blade Composite Folding Propeller (pdf)




It's not too late!

Get a new folding propeller before the boat goes into the water. If you are fast, we will send your new propeller within 3-5 working days.