3 or 4-Blade SD15 Saildrive Folding Propeller

2-Blade Saildrive Composite Folding Propeller 1-1

Dimensioned to withstand the pressure of the larger engines


In 18/19 Flexofold developed the propeller for SD15 from ZF. I close collaboration with Yanmar we ran the first test rounds with a Kufner 54 which has a Yanmar 4JH110 with 110 HP.

The propeller for a SD15 sail drive is developed in our well-known Flexofold design and with the technical advantages that we are known for - but dimensioned to withstand the pressure of the larger engines and more horsepower.

However, there are special technical demands to the inner hub of the propeller due to many more horsepower in the engines of the large boats.




Danish quality

All Flexofold propellers are designed and manufactured in Denmark in our single-purpose factory, equipped with modern CNC equipment and robot technology.

In 2017 Flexofold was acquired by Yanmar Marine International. However, Flexofold is still operating from the factory in Denmark, maintaining own distinct brand identity and remaining a Danish registered company.

The propellers are sold directly to boat builders as well as private boat owners worldwide. Due to our flexible production setup, we can manufacture and ship worldwide within a few days.


Special features

  • Light weight (2,8 kgs less than a standard folding propeller)
  • Helical gearing between the blades ensures a synchronized folding mechanism
  • Patented mounting system absorbs impact from the centrifugal force and allows adjustment of play in gears
  • Protective cover over the gearing
  • Easy replaceable built-in anodes in each blade
  • Dual shock absorbers for quiet opening of the propeller
  • Special innerhub to protect the saildrive and gearbox from the propeller impact
  • Mounting screws are pre-applied with Loctite for mounting above as well as under water
  • Water lubricated - no need for maintenance

Propeller sizes

The range of Flexofold folding propellers for SD15 saildrive consist of 3 main hubs, that can be combined with a wide range of blade diameters, each with a variety of pitches. This enables Flexofold to supply propellers for any engine/gearbox combination within the range for SD15 saildrives.

  • SD3z25 = hub for 3-blade propeller up to 23” diameter
  • SD4z25 = hub for 4-blade propeller up to 23” diameter
  • 120SD3z25 = hub for 3-blade propeller above 23” diameter

Compatible with...

We have delivered propellers to the Lagoon 55 (2x Nanni N4.115) Oyster 495 (2x Yanmar 4JH110) and Y Yacht ”Y8” (2x Nanni N4.115) and many more.

We already have a 3 blade 23” propeller ready but we are also ready to meet the needs for even larger engines like Nanni´s N4.140 and the Yanmar 4LV150.

Recently we developed a 4 bladed propeller for a Nanni N4.115 which will be mounted on the next Lagoon 55. Currently we are working on more OEM projects involving the Nanni N4.140 (135 hp).



Propeller test - Yachting Monthly (pdf)


Pittman Award by SAIL magazine



It's not too late!

Get a new folding propeller before the boat goes into the water. If you are fast, we will send your new propeller within 3-5 days.